Single Game Sportsbetting in Canada

In February of 2013 there was legislation introduced by Joe Comartin of Canada to allow governments to offer single game sportbetting in Canada. Comartin has introduced similar legislation in the past as he has worked with the Canadian Auto Workers and the Canadian Gaming Association in the past in order to obtain similar amendments. While a private member's bill has a small chance of being passed into law they are typically proposed as a way to initiate or continue debate on a particular subject.

Province Support

Quebec and British Columbia are the two provinces that are making the most progress when it comes to single game sportbetting in Canada. The governments of these two provinces have led in introducing state conducted poker online in the country. The next threshold that they are looking to pass would be to introduce online wagering for the country. It is likely that either Quebec or British Columbia will be the first to offer it in this country that is sponsored by the state government.

Current Codes

The current code restricts provincial governments from offering this pastime. These codes were put in place in 1985 and the restrictions remain a part of the code currently. The restrictions reject traditional operations by forbidding wagering on the outcome of a single uring 1985 on the bases that this type of wagering would create incentive for fixing matches and potentially damaging the integrity of the events. This code has forces provincial governments to only offer this activity in the form of a combi-bet or parlays. This requires bettors to correctly pick the outcome of more than one game to win the wager.

Creative Ways to Offer the Pastime

Without any changes being made to the code, provinces must come up with some creative ways available for provincial governments to offer both online and offline sports betting on single games. One option is proposition wagering. There are several lottery companies that offer this type of bet because it could be based on a unique occurrence instead of just the ultimate outcome of the event. Additionally, placing wagers on non-athletic events is not prohibited by the code as the code only applies to athletic and sporting events. It is anticipated overall that single game sportbetting in Canada will soon be legal all over the country.