Find out which platforms Amaya is compatible

Amaya is a free browser and web editor courtesy of W3 Consortium. According to its website, the free product has been available since 1996. It can support CSS and HTML as well as XML and those based also on XML such as SVG and MathML. The Amaya editor comes in a source code form and a precompiled executable version. It is compatible with MAC OS X, Linux and Windows OS. The software reviews here are specific to the software version that was used, which is version 10.1-pre5 for the Windows edition.

In order to use the editor at its maximum capacity, you might need a resolution for your monitor that's beyond 1024x768. When tried on one virtual machine that has a 1024x768 resolution, certain features found on the application's right side were thrown off the screen by default, and there was no scroll bar available so they can be accessed. If you don't have a high-resolution screen This can be solved by collapsing the items and expand them only when they are needed.

For those new at web design, it can be disappointing to use Amaya since there are no pre-packaged templates. If you are counting on this feature then you can't expect to get your site to go live in a short time since it's not available. Although there are template samples, they are not actually ideal for a making a website. The absence of pre-packaged templates is understandable since these are usually available with web editors that are for sale.

A little support for CSS is also offered. It is quite effortless to use when you just want a one-column webpage that has pictures and text. It also comes with a support so you can insert various special characters like the copyright symbol, create links, change font styles and add headers for paragraphs, among others. However, it is challenging to make a multicolumn website driven by CCS if you use the same interface.

Another weakness of the editor is you cannot make a borderless table - it becomes invisible. It also does not have an integrated FTP support. You have to outsource an FTP client. Overall, the editor has several usability issues that must be resolved.