Gambling in Ontario: Canadian Casinos & Online Sites

Traveling and gambling often go hand in hand for many people, but Las Vegas can get tiring after a while. If you are a northern gaming aficionado or planning a fun-filled trip to Canada, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many excellent choices for gambling in Ontario. In fact, some of the Canadian casinos such as the Casino Rama or Casino Windsor are world class venues with impressive collections of games, entertainment and accommodations. You will find everything you need in the Ontario area for an unforgettable night of live action gaming.

Local Information

Gambling in Ontario is far from scarce; there are more casinos there than in any other province in Canada. With more than 30 venues spread over 27 towns in the province, you will be close to the action no matter where you stay. The largest venue in the province, Casino Rama, boasts an amazing 2400 slot machines as well as 110 action-packed table games in its 192,000 square feet. One of the most famous venues is the Caesar's Windsor, which has a resort featuring numerous high class dining choices and live entertainment possibilities. You may even spot a few celebrities there. Sports betting, slots, and table games including world class poker rooms are a few of the attractions you can find at Caesar's Windsor.

Online Opportunities

Gambling in Ontario isn't just at the land-based venues anymore; now there are gaming sites on the Internet that people are flocking to as well. Officials estimate that the province will be making around $100 million a year five years from now. There are several reasons why an individual might choose to frequent an Internet site rather than the live action tables. For example, staying home to play is very convenient and saves a lot of time and resources. The Internet venues also tend to have more game choices, and an individual can set his or her own pace without relying on the dealer or the others at the table. Perhaps the best perk is that at an Internet venue, people can practice the games for free in order to try out strategies and pick their favorites before jumping in with both feet and playing with real money. This is a great way to help players stay one step ahead of the house!