Playing for Keeps: The Canadian Lottery

Canadian Lottery tickets have a 31 year history of producing jackpot winners from every corner of the country. The odds of winning are 1 in 14 million, but that doesn't stop small town winners from Peers, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Territories from playing their luck and winning over $1 million dollars or more! Canada's Lotto 6/49 is the most popular game with staggering prizes that have been collected for over $54 million! LottoMax is another fantastic game offered in Canada. The excitement of these games of chance is absolutely exhilarating.

Ways to Purchase

Buying tickets one at a time, or in bulk, is convenient and easy. At the moment, there is not an online option for purchasing them; however, there are hundreds of locations throughout the country to buy one or more. In order to play, you must be 18 years or older, and the ticket must be purchased within the five lottery regions of Canada. They cost about $1, and individuals may pay extra to add bonus games and bonus numbers to increase their chances of winning. The minimum prize that can be claimed is $5 and they can be purchased up until 7pm the day of the lotto draw.

How to Play

The rules for the Canadian Lottery are easy to follow and understand. Lotto results are announced twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Prizes are won by matching two or more of the six numbers from your ticket, to the numbers drawn. There is also a bonus number line that can be purchased, as well as a bonus number that is not on your ticket. The bonus number is drawn with the other six numbers, and can lead to extra prizes and chances to win. So if you don't match all six numbers, be sure to check the bonus number to see what you may have won!

Collecting Prizes

Claiming prizes for the lottery can be done several ways. Tickets expire exactly one year from the date of the original drawing. Canada offers tax exemption for those prizes won by legal residents. The winning ticket must be signed in order to collect any sort of prize. Unfortunately, winners are not allowed to collect their winnings anonymously, and must sign a waiver that allows for your picture, full name, and hometown to be published. Two forms of identification, a claim form, and a visit to the official lottery headquarters will grant you the release of your winnings!

Play Today!

Playing the lottery is enjoyable and filled with excitement and anticipation. Get your Canadian Lottery tickets to see if you are a winner!